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European elections 2024

How much money is devoted to scientific research in Europe? Is it easy to find a job abroad? Why are so many members in the European Parliament?

These days it is normal to have queries about Europe and how it works.
The Aladí catalog provides the answer searching by subject "Unió Europea". Some libraries are also EU-Information Point and help you resolve your concerns. More information [+]
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Elvira Elias

Elvira Elias Cornet (Barcelona, 1917 - Arenys de Mar, 2016) is a reference in the history of Catalan children's ilustration. The Pare Fidel Fita Library in Arenys de Mar safeguards her legacy which, in addition of her own work, includes a collection of Art books mostly specialized in painting, sculpture and architecture from around the world. Novels and serial publications are also part of this collection of more than 267 documents.

The personal and family correspondence of Elvira Elias and the letters of his father Feliu Elias "Apa", as well as other documentation: drawings, photographs, press clippings, postcards... are of great importance. More information [+]

"With her freshness, her humor and her originality, along with that of Mercè Llimona, she helped many children to pass the cultural and aesthetic desert of the first years of the Franco regime." (Montserrat Castillo)
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